Motorcycle Book


The book offer the rider and the prospective rider an insight into motorcycling as a whole eg: Safety apparel, road awareness, motorcycle maintenance, gaining knowledge, tyres, pre-ride checks and insurances. It covers all aspects from the basic commute to the harden rider doing the big kilometers.

The focus is on safety and awareness as there are to many motorcyclists losing their lives due to basic errors. A lot of these usually arise to late or never at all to assist the rider to make a calculated decision which could save their lives.

The book is structured to enable the rider to learn the basics before they ride and get themselves into trouble. Basically if you know what to look for you can then take the appropriate action to prevent an accident.

An example of this could be; very importantly develop a sixth sence and it will assist you in evaluating and assessing different situation as they arise, before hand. If you think something is not right then take the necessary steps to address the issue perceived or real.